About Ellison

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The Problem

It took us only one adventure and one pricey pair of "designer" sunglasses, now at the bottom of the Mediterranean sea, to realize it’s not healthy or practical to be enslaved by mass produced pieces of plastic.

Losing things is a natural part of life. It will just happen. But what should not happen is having to be fearful of it. Too many times we found ourselves limiting our experiences, our adventures and our encounters with people because we were scared of breaking, dropping, borrowing or losing our over priced sunglasses. This ain’t living, it’s not practical and it’s no good for the soul. This is a model however, that large sunglass makers love. Ultimately, reaping huge profits for these mass manufacturers and large brands at your expense. That is not right.

The Movement

We set out to create a sunglass company that embraces the natural act of loss and will never punish our customers for what life throws at them. Instead we welcome it. When we lose something as people, we often find something special in the process. Fear of losing your shades should never limit that process.

As a company we promise our customers a lifelong membership to get replacement access to handmade sunglasses while never having to sacrifice on style, quality or luxury.

At Ellison, we want to remove silly, but very real anxieties about losing glasses while encouraging people to get lost in order to find something great.

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Some Losses In Life Are Avoidable And Ellison Does Our Hardest To Work With Our Partners, Customers And Stakeholders (Meaning Everyone) In Building A Community That Cares For One Another. This Is Not A Ploy, Nor A Tactic.

This Is Just Standard In How We Operate As A Company Made Up Of People Period.