Built For You

Styles Built For You


Being a military kid, I moved a lot growing up. From city to city, you can imagine how much stuff I lost while moving, but I was never able to gain a home. Not until I moved on my own and found my home in Wicker Park. Being a part of Ellison allows me to remember all the times that I've gotten lost in different cities and remember where I found my first home. That is why I invested.


Growing up, I spent a lot of my time in the family garden. My family dug deep to bring life to our beautiful garden each summer. I have grown and moved to the city and the physical garden has disappeared, but seeing what hard work and sacrifice looks like never fades. By investing in Ellison, it's a reminder that my family has grown a garden that extends beyond our backyard and now I am the one that must keep it beautiful.


Sera was the first friend to look beyond my lost soul by exchanging heartfelt letters; she made a foreign place become a home. 12 years have gone by since we exchanged letters and Sera still looks beyond the lost years and welcomes me with a warm heart. I invest in Ellison to treasure lost friendships that find their way back.


With all that is currently going on with the world, it is easy to feel powerless and lost. Over 800 years ago, Magna Carta allowed those who felt lost to find their voice for equality. This charter has stood the test of time and still find its relevancy today by helping the voiceless find their voice. Investing in Ellison allows me to remember those who were once lost and powerless and know that we too will find our voice as they did.


As a child, I looked up to everyone. Each person before me were heroes in their own right. But as I grew up, my heroes went from family members with heartfelt stories to financially focused mentors. I lost the heart and soul of my heroes. Investing into Ellison allows me to remember those heroes like my aunt, Arsenia, who was a second mother to me and less on the financial requirements in making a living.