Our Story

Handmade in Greece.

We cut out the middle man.

Designed for a share everything, work everywhere world, we take our standard for quality and craftsmanship to create the most stylish UVA and UVB protective frames available.

Every pair of Ellisons is handmade by our team in Greece. Our process includes several meticulous steps above industry standards to ensure the highest quality before it leaves our hands and arrives in yours.

Our Coated Screw Ellisons come equipped with 5 barrel stainless steel hinges. This sturdy hinge provides integrity, durability, and comfort while keeping your temples straight. Teflon coated screws help block and secure the thread components thus avoiding loosening of screws and nuts.

The Real Rivets Pins in the frame and temples of our sunglasses provide structural integrity, while adding a touch of flare to our designs.

Our CR - 39 Premium Polarized Vision Lenses tested more thoroughly against any standard law the optical industry requires, our Ellison's come equipped with the highest quality CR-39 Polarized lenses to deliver the same superior optics found in the top optical brands in the world. Our non-prescription sun lenses are crafted from CR-39, a polymer that holds color beautifully and hits that sweet spot of lightweight and durable. All of our sun lenses block 100% of UVA and UVB rays for optimal eyeball health.

We engrave our trademarked "E" on a galvanized metal cap on the left temple tip of every pair, highlighting our attention to detail and certifying your pair is authentic.

A special Bluetech™ lens coat makes our Ellison Bluetech™ line one of a kind. Our Bluetech™ glasses protect against 99.9% of the most dangerous light you will face daily.

We have created our latest line using the best in ergonomic designs. Our frames ensure supreme lasting comfort after long hours of use.